About Me
Check it out. I made a game:

Cows 'N Bulls

It is a number-guessing game, where the player uses previous guesses as clues for subsequent guesses.

I made it so that I could learn the ins and outs of mobile game development, before moving on to making more involved mobile games.

If you find a bug in Cows N' Bulls, please report it at shipuilngames@gmail.com!


"It's fun! I like winning!"
-My wife
"Now I can guess ALL THE NUMBERS!"
-Made-up person
"What a brain workout! I can feel my brain ACTUALLY GROWING MORE NEURONS!"
-Made-up person #2
I started my career as a mechanical engineer, though I've dabbled in programming since I was kid. Through the first few years as an engineer, I realized more and more that my true passion is software development. In 2015 I decided to make the switch and got a job as a software developer at a tech company, where I work now. This gave me the know-how to work on more interesting software projects at home.